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About KV


KV No-2 ,Jhansi Established in the year 1986 as an army school in a mess.In this martial town of Rani Jhansi,Our institution is dedicated to impart natures environmental grandeure.Cultural traditions and boundless store of Knowledge.We are marching forward regularly with Beacanlight to stand ahead of all.Come and join us to make this house of learning still better.

Physical Infrastructure

SN Type of room No. of such rooms available No. of rooms lying vacant
1 Class room 24 NIL
2 Science Lab. 3 NIL
3 Computer Lab 2 NIL
4 Library 1 NIL
5 Jr Science Lab 1( with Bio Lab) NIL
6 Resource Room 1 NIL
7 Geography Lab 1 NIL
8 Activity Room 1 NIL
9 Staff Common Room 1 NIL
10 Music Room 1 NIL

ATL -1

Play ground 2
facilities for indoor/outdoor games


Facilities in Vidyalaya for Games


Facilities in Vidyalaya for Games



Foot Ball Ground
basket ball Coach Court
T.T Table Tennis Table (03)
Cricket Net Practice
Badminton Indoor Court

Facilities Available:


Internet Facility
Interactive Board facility