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जांच पड़ताल परियोजनाओं की सूची (भौतिकी)






1. D. Ranjeet

2. Shailesh agrawal

3. Akash Dubey

4. Arshad

To investigate the dependence of angle of deviation on the angle of incidence using a hollow prism filled one by one with different transparent fluid.


1.Harshit Mishra

2. Priyanshu singh

3. Aadarsh tiwari

To study various factors on which the internal resistance / e.m.f. of a cell depends.


1. Shivam kumar

2. Rajat Sharma

3. Abhishek Yadav

To investigate the eye defects in the eyes of the students .


1. Diksha Singh

2. Varsha Bhanpuria

3. Fareena Ali

Investigate , how can we make a steel bar , magnetized by magnetic induction ( by using a bar magnet )


1. Preksha Tiwari

2. Anjali Pateria

3. Tuba Qureshi

To study the earth’s magnetic field using a tangent galvanometer.


1. Jitendra

2. Poonam Kumari

3. Aman Singh

To find the refractive indices  of water and transparent oil by using plane mirror & a convex  lens  , made from a glass of known refractive  index.


1. Aman Hayaran

2. Swam Shrivastava

3. Pankaj Yadav

To design an appropriate logic gate combination for a given truth table .


1. Utkarsh Katre

2. Abhijeet Litoria

3. Pradyuman Goswami

To study infra red radiation emitted by different sources using photo transistor.



1. Rajesh Chaudhary

2. Ketan

3. Azharuddin

To investigate the relation between the ratio of out put & input voltage and no. of turns in the secondary coil & primary coil of a self designed transformer.



1. Ritika Chaturvedi

2. Ekta Swarnkar

3. Jyotsna Pal

To set up a common base transistor circuit and to study its input and output characteristics & to calculate its current gain.


1.Shilpa Dwivedi

2 Sukhla Pramanik.             

To construct a switch using a transistor and to

draw  the graph between the input and output

voltage and mark the cut-off ,saturation and

active region.

  1. Investigate that soft iron bar or nail can be made an electromagnet.
  2. Investigate that a current carrying conductor produces a magnetic field around it.
  3. Investigate that the liquid exerts force in upward direction.
  4. Make a list of the objects which will float & sink when placed on the surface of fluid & why?
  5. Find refractive index of different transparent material like water, glass, oil etc.
  6. How much water is needed to put in a glass container to create right frequencies to play one octave scale.
  7. Find the refractive index of different transparent materials with the help of hollow prism.
  8. Investigate that lateral shift from a glass slab depends on the thickness of the slab.
  9. By making a lemon cell, using different electrodes (which could be Zn, Cu, Pb, C, Fe & Al) complete the table of the emf &polarity for each pair of electrodes & decide which pair gives the largest emf.
  10. Investigate that the resistance of a conductor depends on the shape & size of a conductor.

11Investigate, various things (like pencil, glass rod, water, nail etc) from your surroundings which are good conductor     or which are insulators of current are or electricity.

12Investigate that magnetic induction happens at a distance & never results in repulsion

13Investigate, how can you make a steel bar, magnetized by magnetic induction (by using a bar magnet).

14Investigate that the magnetism produced in the steel object is weak but permanent in comparison to magnetism produced in iron nail the magnetism produced is strong but quickly looses their induced magnetism.

15Investigate that for the propagation of sound, material medium is necessary

16.Investigate that oxygen is necessary for burning.

17Investigate the variation in limiting friction with mass & nature of surface in contact.

18Study the third law of motion using two spring balance & discuss the result.

19Calculate pressure applied on earth by the feet of students having different weights.

20Collect the eye checkup data of your class students & find from which eye defect they are suffering or not & suggest to consult with eye specialist.


Investigatory Project of class XII-A chemistry(2014-2015)

  1. Abhishek Agnihotry – bacterial contaments in water
  2. Anu agarwal – methods of purification of water
  3. Aman Vardia – setting of cement
  4. Deepika sharma – isolation of casem from milk
  5. Garima rajpoot – compare foaming capacities of soaps
  6. Kiran tomar - compare foaming capacities of soaps
  7. Narender singh – Estimation of hardness of water
  8. Ritik shrivastava - setting of cement
  9. Rekha yadav - compare foaming capacities of soaps
  10. Rakshanda Dubey - isolation of casem from milk
  11. Shrassthi chaudhry - setting of cement
  12. Shimon rathore - methods of purification of water
  13. Sweksha litoria – to test hardness presence of Fe,F,Cl & cause &presence of ions
  14. Seelam pandey - isolation of casem from milk
  15. Shubham Rawat – to study caffeine in tea
  16. Shubham kanojia – soyabea milk, its companison with natural milk
  17. Tathagat malviya – structure of proteins
  18. Tanu sen – rate of evaporation of diff liquids
  19. Nirmala Kumari – tensile strength of fiber
  20. Rajeev tiwari - soyabea milk, its companison with natural milk
  21. Akash singh – preparation of rayon thread
  22. Gaurav singh - methods of purification of water
  23. Manish jain - setting of cement
  24. Param Sharma  - setting of cement
  25. Anshuman purohit - structure of proteins
  26. Subham kumar - preparation of rayon thread
  27. Prerna heriodia - to study caffeine in tea
  28. Beauty kumara - compare foaming capacities of soaps
  29. Ruchi chaudhry - tensile strength of fiber
  30. Mukul panwar - Estimation of hardness of water




List of Projects for Biology Students for the session 2014-15 Class XIA

1.  Garma Kushwaha -To study the adaptability of cockroaches to drastic environmental changes such as (a) complete darkness (b) continuous light (c) refrigerator. (d) high conc. of CO2. (M.R.- live cockroaches, refrigerator, four small tin boxes, bread, water, dil.Hcl and CaCO3.)

2.  Poonam Kumari-Study of locomotion in fishes, importance of different fins in balancing and steering the body. (M.R.- a fish tank, live fishes, scissors, petridishes, cotton).

3.  Shubham Upadhya-Effects on plant movement (effects of light and effects of gravity). (M.R.- a potted plant, maize grains / bean / green gram seeds, petridishes, cotton).

4.  Tuba Qureshi-To study the effects of light on sporulation in fungi. (M.R.- bread slices, cotton, petridishes).

5.  Ritika Chaturvedi-To study the variation in the rate of mitotic cell division in the root tips of onion.

6.  Modh Arshad Khan- Effect of pH on the germination of seeds.(different types of seeds, cotton, Petri dishes).

7.  Diksha Singh-Effect of salinity of water on the growth of one type of plant.

8.  Aman Singh-Study of Cuscuta and its adaptive mode of life through section cutting.

9.  Anket Sengar-Study of the effect of gibberellins and shoot elongation.

  1. Varsha Bhanupriya-Study the effect of herbicide in a lawn to compare the effect on monocotyledons and dicotyledons.
  2. Fareena Ali- Effect of pH on the germination of seeds.(different types of seeds, cotton, Petri dishes).
  3. Anjali Pateria-Survey of the some of the plants f Economic /Medicinal  importance around/in vidyalaya.



CLASS 12th

DEEPIKA SHARMA:- To find out how ants follow a trail, and how and why birds migrate.

KIRAN TOMAR:- To study the adaptability of cockroaches to drastic environmental change.

NARENDRA SINGH:- To test the effect of varying salt concentration of the process of osmosis by using an egg as a model.

REKHA YADAV:- To study dispersal of seed by various agencies.

SHIMON RATHORE:-  Find out some of the innate behavior of babies. Why might they useful to a baby?

SWEKSHA LITORIA:- To study geotropism.

SEELAM PANDEY:- Design and carry out an experiment to investigate the effect of salinity of water on the growth of  a type plant.

TANU SEN:- Effect of salinity of water on the growth of one type of plant.

NIRMALA :- To study the effect of different fertilizer on the rate of germination, elongation  of  hypocotyls and the length of root.

SHUBHAM KUMAR:- Design an experiment to compare the pH of various brand of tooth paste.

BEAUTY KUMARI:- Effect of Ph on the germination of seeds ( different  types of seed, cotton,petridishs).








Innovation and Experimentation done by teachers (Updated as on 30.07.2014 the last working day of the month).

S.N. Innovation and Experimentation ( Give a suitable title with a link to give more insight into the work) Class and subject Learning objective initially envisaged Learning objective realised or not Name of Innovator / Experimenter with designation.
1 Electric Bell XI A(Physics) Working of Electric Bell Yes Mrs Suman Porwal
2 Food security energy XI(Physics) Agriculture and food energy Yes Mrs Suman Porwal
3 Satelite Communication XI(Physics) Biology in Human Walfare Yes Mrs Suman Porwal
4 Science & Technology in games and Sports XI(Physics) Inforamtice Practice in games Yes Mrs Suman Porwal
5 Mathmatics in life XI(Physics) Mathmatical Modeling Yes Mrs Suman Porwal
6 Transpotation & Communcation IX(Physics) Netwotk Communication Yes Mrs Suman Porwal

Trigonomentry Project


X B(Maths) Describe the Trigonmatical Function Yes Mrs Shikha Saxena

Prersentation of Data type in JavaData types.ppt

XI  Sci  Informatice Practice Explain the Data type through presentation yes Mr Deepak Tripathi
9 Prersentation of Proving Triangle Conguren CONGRUENCE OFTRIANGLES.ppt VII B Proving of Triangle Congruent Yes Mrs Geetanjali Rajpoot
10 Prersentation of  Token in JavaKanchan Soni.ppt XI Science Explain the Tokens through presentation Yes Mr Deepak Tripathi